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Bago, formerly known as Hanthawaddy, is a city and the capital of the Bago Region in Burma. It is located 50 miles north-east of Yangon.The Gulf of Martaban was colonized by Mon people from the Thaton Kingdom, who established Bago. In 825, the twin brothers Samala and Vimala founded Pegu.The earliest mention of Bago in history is by the Arab geographer ibn Khordadbeh around 850 AD. At the time, the Mon capital had shifted to Thaton. The area came under rule of the Burmese from Bagan in 1056. After the collapse of Bagan to the Mongols in 1287, the Mon regained their independence.In Lower Burma, a Mon dynasty established itself first at Mottama and then at Bago. During the reign of King Razadarit, Bago and Ava Kingdom were engaged in the Forty Years' War. The peaceful reign of Queen Shin Sawbu came to an end when she chose the Buddhist monk Dhammazedi (1472–1492) to succeed her. Under Dhammazedi, Bago became a centre of commerce and Theravada Buddhism.Myo-Mya Market, in Myoma kaung road at the heart of Bago City is a well known market. All types of goods sold in Yangon are found there. Goods from Yangon are sold and distributed through retail and wholesale. Fish paste, fish sauce, dried fish, dried prawns, betel nuts, betel leaves and betel accessories are sold in that market. There are big wholesale shops in that big market selling and distributing rice, edible oils, beans, peas, fish paste, dried fish, dried chillies, various kinds of animal foods and candles and distribution is made to all parts of Myanmar from there.


Other towns can be reached easily by road, rail transportation and domestic airlines in the Bago region. Yangon-Mandalay highway is just the same route as the Yangon-Bago road. Travelling to Bago, one can take the Aung Mingalar Highway bus terminal and some coaches can be boarded at Sawbwagyigone junction in Insein township and Hledan junction. Travel time is two hours to Bago and if heading to Pyay it takes 4 hours.




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